Facebook is now the worlds leading online marketing platform. It has 2 billion users, sophisticated marketing tools and recorded $10 billion in revenue last quarter.

Video Ads

Video ads are by far the best at engaging and creating that all important emotion inside us which drives sales. We wouldn’t actually put a 3 minute video on facebook, it’s max 15 seconds these days – but it’s our favourite. Facebook has options to reflect how people consume video – from bite-sized videos watched on-the-go, to longer video styles watched when more relaxed.

Facebook Lead AdsLead Ads

You know when you can register online sometimes with your facebook account – no typing in details – just one click and you’re done. Lead Ads work the same way – customers click your ad, their info is pre-populated and they click to enquire. The less people have to do, the higher the probability they’ll convert.

Magnet AdvertisingPrecise Advertising

Facebook has extremely powerful targeting tools. You can specifically reach audiences based on their interests, activities, where they live, age, gender, life events (e.g birthday), job, income level, purchase history, device usage and more. Facebook has all our information. Used correctly it is todays greatest marketing ROI.

PixelFacebook Pixel

Facebook’s pixel tracks exactly what people are viewing on your website when entering from your organic posts and paid ads. This enables tremendous insight for tailoring future and remarketing campaigns to deliver only to people likely to convert. When they do – it’s tracked so you know your true ROI.

Audience NetworkAudience Network

The same advertising tools are also available on over a million of the best websites and apps in the world that facebook now partners with, massively amplifying your reach. Ads are highly modern, relevant and subtly fit in with their surroundings. When did you last click a random banner ad? As we say – facebook has grown up!

About the Author Jon Taylor

I can help Modernise Your Website to 2018 and with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn marketing - can measurably attract High Quality, High Volume Customers to your business.

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