No air bridge

When close to the relief of being able to stretch ones legs, enjoy ones own space and breathe actual air again at the end of a flight – the realisation of the airport bus to the terminal and not the air bridge always seems to exacerbate the experience.


It’s only after an astute pilots’ “Revelation” that the bus actually takes us directly to passport control – alleviating the 2 mile odyssey with our carry-on bags across the airport – that after years of flying a new appreciation arrives for the airport bus!

Reframing objectively in advertising

ReframingNegative to positive

Given the chance our brains will do their best to minimise negative feelings, but they do need a plausible story to perform this feat. Even though there is no intrinsic downside to waiting – coming up with the redeemable advantage to help us see it in a positive light can be very effective.

ReframingDual interpretation

Impact – to imprint brand into the minds of customers is an important job of marketing. Clever advertising with some subliminal double meaning sells without drawing too much attention. Subtly making people feel good about themselves for “Getting it” also makes them feel good about your product.

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