Following suit

When they were trying to bring Puffins back to islands on the US east coast they decided to do so with dummies. Puffins are very social and as a result would want to land on islands that already have puffins. The dummies looked real from a distance but were lacking up close, held by a single peg. Puffins, being social and wanting to fit in followed suit.

We do too – important in advertising

We are also social, built to function in groups. If everyone around us starts running, it makes sense for us to start running too, without much thought. It’s why political ads have shots of cheering crowds and our opinion can change when we think the majority has it. This is why the appearance of popularity is important in advertising.

So how can you do it?

EndorsementIf you’re a large company:

1. Winning Crowd – Get celebrities to endorse your brand. 2. In Crowd – Show buying your brand is to be part of it the “In crowd.” 3. Outcast – Customers can be part of the “In crowd” by using your product, or can be left behind, even outcast by their peer group for not using it.

Voted BestIf you’re a smaller business:

1. Voted or Best – (Voted) Best (your brand) in (your area) 2017. 2. Percentages – 90% of people in (your area) love/use (your brand). 3. Most People – Most people in (your area) love/use (your brand).  4. Association – Main provider to (event/other well known local/national brand).

About the Author Jon Taylor

I can help Modernise Your Website to 2018 and with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn marketing - can measurably attract High Quality, High Volume Customers to your business.

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