Face to face is secondary

Face to face communication is now secondary – people put their phone on the table in a business meeting. They sit at the same restaurant table chipping away at their smart on them. In the window before we become secondary we’ll be printing our food, be dependant on eye controlled projection from jewellery instead of our phones and yes – we’ll enjoy more advertising in autonomous cars.

Progress is positive

Progress is of course positive but there was a charm to the mystery of our holiday snaps being developed, or successfully anticipating the end of the radio DJ intro, rapidly pressing record and nailing it!

Grant thought to physical mail

The self help adage of rear view mirror and windscreen sizes is significant but sometimes there are good things behind us that still warrant some attention. In marketing, while we’re all focused on digital dynamism – it can be worth letting (the physical form) of direct mail have another go in the front seat.

Things to consider

Direct MailPost is now a novelty

It’s nice to open a piece of old fashioned mail from time to time.  Actual geographic targeting is better than IP based. It’s fixed cost, no online bidding and changing price. It’s a touch point your competitors probably aren’t using. Physical stimulates the underlying mental process that consumers use to take action.

Direct EffectiveHow to do it

Everyone likes to receive something clever and unexpected in the post. Send something interactive with creative impact. Include extra senses like smell or audio. You can’t sell in one drop – you need four: E.g. Intro, market update, good story, invitation. Be dynamic and sync with your digital. Include a coupon so you can track results.

With the right creative messaging to the right people (niche is rich), physical direct mail is very on trend.

About the Author Jon Taylor

I can help Modernise Your Website to 2018 and with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn marketing - can measurably attract High Quality, High Volume Customers to your business.

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