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An old boss of mine was a gadget-fiend, a result of too much time spent in airports. He also collected expensive watches but one Monday morning, he arrived wearing a slightly less expensive than usual Apple Watch.

The ensuing week was a plate spinning one and by Friday we were in his office, enjoying a moment of calm when his watch (again) bleeped. He looked at me, sighed, looked down at his watch, looked up again at me and expleted “I hate this watch… I just get bad news faster!” – the Apple Watch confined to it’s resting place.

Focus present – mindful future

There are some technologies as fast as they develop, never grow to be the market dominators they were forecasted – therefore the present is obviously the focus. However there are a couple of things that being mindful of now, could pay good dividend down the road.

PersonalMore personal

Generation X (35-50) and Millennials (18-34) will use small screens and social media to consume. They’ll be attracted to companies who 1. Consistently create new and great visual content. 2. Already know their personal needs. 3. Quickly build an authentic personal relationship with them in real time – (no filling in site forms and waiting).

Chatbot GoldfishStart thinking

1. More improved visual content that’s refreshed more. 2. Interact with existing clients on social media with tracking software – then predict prospect needs. 3. Be live as much as possible but it’s people or nothing for out of hours. Be authentic – no chatbots – even though goldfish have surpassed us on attention and are gaining on intellect.


The internet wonderfully now makes us all accountable. Customers should and can expect full transparency. Only companies that walk their talk, sell what they would buy and create real value for people will succeed. Genuine deserved trust in the form of public customer responses and video client endorsements are the future.

Chess TransparentStart thinking

1. Your linkedin and facebook aren’t Jekyll and Hyde – all staff. 2. Build your community of brand advocates and cultivate co-created content. 3. Even best efforts aren’t right 100% of the time. Showing the odd negative review with a detailed explanation of the decision is authentic transparency.

Real value and client retention will come from continuous innovation as well as great service.

About the Author Jon Taylor

I can help Modernise Your Website to 2018 and with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn marketing - can measurably attract High Quality, High Volume Customers to your business.

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