Facebook Marketing

Facebook is now the worlds leading online marketing platform. It has 2 billion users, sophisticated marketing tools and recorded $10 billion in revenue last quarter.

Video Ads

Video ads are by far the best at engaging and creating that all important emotion inside us which drives sales. We wouldn’t actually put a 3 minute video on facebook, it’s max 15 seconds these days – but it’s our favourite. Facebook has options to reflect how people consume video – from bite-sized videos watched on-the-go, to longer video styles watched when more relaxed.

Facebook Lead AdsLead Ads

You know when you can register online sometimes with your facebook account – no typing in details – just one click and you’re done. Lead Ads work the same way – customers click your ad, their info is pre-populated and they click to enquire. The less people have to do, the higher the probability they’ll convert.

Magnet AdvertisingPrecise Advertising

Facebook has extremely powerful targeting tools. You can specifically reach audiences based on their interests, activities, where they live, age, gender, life events (e.g birthday), job, income level, purchase history, device usage and more. Facebook has all our information. Used correctly it is todays greatest marketing ROI.

PixelFacebook Pixel

Facebook’s pixel tracks exactly what people are viewing on your website when entering from your organic posts and paid ads. This enables tremendous insight for tailoring future and remarketing campaigns to deliver only to people likely to convert. When they do – it’s tracked so you know your true ROI.

Audience NetworkAudience Network

The same advertising tools are also available on over a million of the best websites and apps in the world that facebook now partners with, massively amplifying your reach. Ads are highly modern, relevant and subtly fit in with their surroundings. When did you last click a random banner ad? As we say – facebook has grown up!

Google Marketing

Ninety percent of mobile searches and sixty percent of desktop searches worldwide with buying intent are on google. “Google” is now a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Prime PositionPrime Real Estate

The first three listings on a google search are typically reserved for paid ads. The second three are the “Local 3-Pack Maps Area” google my business results. Being above the organic listings at the top of google page one and having a maps picture included as well as text is highly valuable real estate.

Inform PeopleInform People

Google now allows you to share a lot of information all in one place with your prospective target audience – business photos, detailed descriptions, reviews, opening hours, videos and weekly updates (e.g specials). Google uses this information to fill local search results making your business much more easily found.

SherlockConsumer Insight

You are able see the way customers have found you on google and where they have come from. For example they might have called directly from your number displayed on a local maps search. This information can then be utilised by featuring a click to call button on advertising and remarketing targeting these consumers.


Adwords is the most effective in direct advertising as it yields immediate results and people with buying intent use google by far the most. Audiences are relevant due to advanced targeting and google’s accuracy rules. Set your budget and only pay for clicks. Every sales stage is precisely measurable and thus your exact ROI.

Display Network

Display Network

Display network reaches over two million websites and ninety percent of internet users. You are able to subtly integrate your ads to reach users while they shop, browse or read. It also allows rich media and not just plain text ads which is a game changer as ninety percent of information processed by the brain is visual.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site in the world. The correct B2B strategy to reach the right audience at the right time with the right content is essential.

Target AudienceTargeting

Sophisticated targeting is now available from LinkedIn. You are able to specify job function, position, geographic location, company name, industry, study form, membership of groups, specific lists of your sales team and more. Combing all these options makes things very precise and effective.

Tracking TagInsight Tag

You can track the audiences that are converting best for any of your segments of sponsored content. You are able to view the exact number of leads each of your individual campaigns, specific audiences and targeted advertising are generating. Understanding this ROI helps to continually improve in future campaigns.



It’s possible to select multiple creative assets within the same campaign. LinkedIn Campaign Manager has a rotate evenly tool so you can test different kinds of pictures, headlines and ad texts. Campaign manager will then after a set time automatically switch to showing your best performing combination and maximise results.

AnalyticsLinkedin Analytics

Much more analytics are now available within LinkedIn in addition to who looks at your profile or likes your posts. You are now able to see who is liking your content, which company they are from, what position they are in, what their geographic location is and which path they took to your content.


LinkedIn works on an efficient secondary bidding system. If you win the bid you’ll pay just above the second highest bid. Past campaign performance is also taken into account which rewards relevance and authenticity.  It also creates an improved user experience for both seller and buyer.

Consideration Favours Future

Latest and greatest

An old boss of mine was a gadget-fiend, a result of too much time spent in airports. He also collected expensive watches but one Monday morning, he arrived wearing a slightly less expensive than usual Apple Watch.

The ensuing week was a plate spinning one and by Friday we were in his office, enjoying a moment of calm when his watch (again) bleeped. He looked at me, sighed, looked down at his watch, looked up again at me and expleted “I hate this watch… I just get bad news faster!” – the Apple Watch confined to it’s resting place.

Focus present – mindful future

There are some technologies as fast as they develop, never grow to be the market dominators they were forecasted – therefore the present is obviously the focus. However there are a couple of things that being mindful of now, could pay good dividend down the road.

PersonalMore personal

Generation X (35-50) and Millennials (18-34) will use small screens and social media to consume. They’ll be attracted to companies who 1. Consistently create new and great visual content. 2. Already know their personal needs. 3. Quickly build an authentic personal relationship with them in real time – (no filling in site forms and waiting).

Chatbot GoldfishStart thinking

1. More improved visual content that’s refreshed more. 2. Interact with existing clients on social media with tracking software – then predict prospect needs. 3. Be live as much as possible but it’s people or nothing for out of hours. Be authentic – no chatbots – even though goldfish have surpassed us on attention and are gaining on intellect.


The internet wonderfully now makes us all accountable. Customers should and can expect full transparency. Only companies that walk their talk, sell what they would buy and create real value for people will succeed. Genuine deserved trust in the form of public customer responses and video client endorsements are the future.

Chess TransparentStart thinking

1. Your linkedin and facebook aren’t Jekyll and Hyde – all staff. 2. Build your community of brand advocates and cultivate co-created content. 3. Even best efforts aren’t right 100% of the time. Showing the odd negative review with a detailed explanation of the decision is authentic transparency.

Real value and client retention will come from continuous innovation as well as great service.

Don’t Terminate Direct

Face to face is secondary

Face to face communication is now secondary – people put their phone on the table in a business meeting. They sit at the same restaurant table chipping away at their smart on them. In the window before we become secondary we’ll be printing our food, be dependant on eye controlled projection from jewellery instead of our phones and yes – we’ll enjoy more advertising in autonomous cars.

Progress is positive

Progress is of course positive but there was a charm to the mystery of our holiday snaps being developed, or successfully anticipating the end of the radio DJ intro, rapidly pressing record and nailing it!

Grant thought to physical mail

The self help adage of rear view mirror and windscreen sizes is significant but sometimes there are good things behind us that still warrant some attention. In marketing, while we’re all focused on digital dynamism – it can be worth letting (the physical form) of direct mail have another go in the front seat.

Things to consider

Direct MailPost is now a novelty

It’s nice to open a piece of old fashioned mail from time to time.  Actual geographic targeting is better than IP based. It’s fixed cost, no online bidding and changing price. It’s a touch point your competitors probably aren’t using. Physical stimulates the underlying mental process that consumers use to take action.

Direct EffectiveHow to do it

Everyone likes to receive something clever and unexpected in the post. Send something interactive with creative impact. Include extra senses like smell or audio. You can’t sell in one drop – you need four: E.g. Intro, market update, good story, invitation. Be dynamic and sync with your digital. Include a coupon so you can track results.

With the right creative messaging to the right people (niche is rich), physical direct mail is very on trend.