Brand AwarenessBrand Awareness

1930’s movie bosses discovered 7 “Touches” of advertising were required to compel someone to watch their movies. In todays world it’s probably higher. Thoughtful content enables expert passive leverage of this so when the time comes, you are well established in the minds of your potential customers.

Rows of a Carrot FieldQuality Website Traffic

People prefer to do business with people not companies. When you are interactive in sharing content, commenting and posting on social media you are humanising your brand. You have already cultivated a positive personal relationship with your website traffic which should equate to more sales.


Customer Satisfaction

Social media interaction is in real time. Talking directly with consumers is the best form of marketplace insight. You are also able to publicly create a positive customer experience by addressing, dealing with and resolving issues quickly. Differentiating yourself in this way is a huge competitive edge.

Customer LoyaltyCustomer Loyalty

Customer satisfaction and loyalty go hand in hand. Customers see social media as a service channel where they can communicate directly with you. Measuring interaction in favour of establishing emotional connections with no tangible net present value is what creates long term sustainability in business.

Effective Advertising

Effective Advertising

Social media advertising is the most cost efficient. Creating a profile and interacting is free. Social media paid promotion done correctly offers the greatest ROI in marketing. You’re not a television advert interrupting people. They have liked or followed you, they have chosen you.