Remarketing is when we visit a website and feel spooked when we’re then followed around by advertising on every device. Advertising is always there but we tune it out when it’s not relevant. This technology can actually improve our experience – the trick – is not to stalk, but to use sophisticated relevance and subtlety.

Brand RecallBrand Recall

This is the modern version of seeing snippets of an original TV ad a few weeks on from the main ad. People can only remember limited brands and retain limited messages. Remarketing is a fantastic tool for creating on-going reminders, staying top of mind and anchoring your brand in consumers’ long term memories.

Second Chance

Second Chance

Remarketing enables you a second chance to re-engage people that are no longer on your website, bring them back and prevent loss of leads. This reduction of loss is significant because each time previous potential customers return having visited your site before – their probability of converting is higher.

Cross Sell Up SellUpsell Cross Sell

Customers appreciate being told about additional products and services as long as it’s not just pushing product – but is creating value for them by being focused on their needs which you are aware of. Encouraging clients to spend a little more on items closely related to their original purchase can dramatically boost sales.

Optimus PrimeBetter Conversion

You are able to track and tag previously involved sales funnel visitors of varying stage – and automatically remarket them with different ads that generate stage specific actions. Thus pulling them back into a sales scenario and consistently re-progressing them down your pipeline to ultimately convert.

Remarketing 9Same Audiences

Once you have your remarketing list of near conversion and already converted customers – facebook and google can look at their history and form a detailed understanding of their characteristics. They can then find highly probable new customers with the same characteristics for you within in their huge networks.